Schlagwort: Life sucks sometimes

Current Status: THANK YOU! & SORRY!

Hello Maniacs.First and foremost, THANK YOU!!!

I just looked at my subscription count and saw that we are close to 100 Subs. Three digits. Holy FUCK!

I honestly don’t have any words for this. I’m grateful and speechless. And all this just because Reignbot gave me the opportunity to throw a crappy trailer into her horror showcase.

Again… HOLY FUCK! Compared to others, it is nothing, I know. But to me it means a lot!

Now to the main point of this Blog.
Why has not there been anything else, yet?

Well, I’ve moved some time ago and still not settled down. At least mentally. I left a lot behind me. Good and bad things.
But I needed this new beginning to escape a downward spiral in which I was trapped.
It helped a little. But there are still things that haunt me.

To sum this up, I am struggling with a lot Mental Health… Bullshit lately. And I’m currently in a hospital, because I was injured in a car accident.

That means I’m not able to produce any Content at the Moment. I’m really sorry!!!

I’ve got the outlines for a few videos done, before this happend. I’ll finish and release them as soon as I get home.

Cheers & THANKS Again!!!